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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Once you submit an online form through my website or send me an email describing your project, I will be in touch with you usually within 24 hours (except on weekends) to schedule a zoom video call so that we can meet and discuss your needs more in-depth.

During the video call, I will give you a ballpark estimate for your site.

If you are interested in proceeding, then I will send you a customized proposal with the project outline, pricing details, what to expect during the build, and timelines. I typically meet weekly with clients to review progress, incorporate edits or requests and gain approval before proceeding to the next project phase.

I build all of my sites by myself (I am not an agency) so I only accept a maximum of two builds at one time. Most builds take between 3 - 8 weeks.

Yes. I create websites using a lightweight page builder that is user friendly. Training on how to make basic edits to your website is included in all of my build packages. I typically include one hour of training, but we can increase the amount of training time if you prefer.

No worries, I can help you buy a domain name and set up website hosting that aligns with your business needs.

If your current website is a WordPress site, then I can build out the LMS components on your site to add your courses.

Absolutely! I can build out your website with online courses whether you are selling your courses individually with lifetime access or selling them in a bundle with other products or services with a recurring payment model.

Not necessarily, but the farther along you are, the better. Once you create your website, you will begin incurring costs for the website (hosting, plugins, etc.). From a financial perspective it's ideal to be ready (or at least pretty close to ready) to launch your course once your website is completed.

Yes, I can incorporate a community aspect to your site so that your users can message each other, comment on open forums, participate in private group activities, and even attend zoom sessions with dedicated group members. Let's discuss the details and see what makes sense for you and your customers' needs.

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