LearnDash Tech Checklist

Create a Site Map

What This Course Is About

This course provides an overview of what can be achieved with the LearnDash LMS plugin and its core functions and, more importantly, reviews the additional functionality that is often needed to create a robust LMS that meets the needs of both the website owner and the end users.

What You'll Learn

What is and is not provided by the LearnDash software and how to use software that extends LearnDash functionality

Advanced options that will help you take your student experience to the next level

What to consider when you are designing the student experience on your website

Who This Course Is For

DIYers who are building their own online course websites with LearnDash

Web developers who are new to using LearnDash

Current owners of a LearnDash website who are considering expanding their offerings and functionality

Sara Baker

About the Instructor

Sara Baker specializes in building LearnDash websites for small businesses and has been working with LearnDash since 2019.